Art Mobility

Although a forced physical barrier is established as a separation, it is not an ideological impediment nor cultural. Hence, transcending a physical border by empowerment through common shared values and social and political (de)construction. Transfronterizos permeate a geopolitical alteration – as the border– to become part of a community in transition. Therefore, larger than its forced constraints. Explore art production and mobility in San Diego/Tijuana region as space of identity and dialogue for both artists and audiences.   

Illustrator, painter, muralist, multidisciplinary artist

Mónica Mendoza
Founder/Creator of GRRRL Independent Ladies


 Art as space and catalyst of identity exploration and experimentation

Break forms. Reduce. Expand. React. How does art in relation to social context participate as a catalyst of identity politics?

Explore breaking forms of art to explore identity in order (de)/construct preconceived notions of self. Discuss social and cultural aspects involved in art production and content for both, artists and audiences. How does art engage in social interactiveness, fostering encounters and dialogue with audiences in relation to community?

San Cha 
Vocal priestess, Femme Xicanx Goddess, multidisciplinary artist

Gabriella Sanchez
Multidisciplinary artist