SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 2018 3:30PM
Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, University of Southern California

Social media platforms as space for access to information; these forums are, also, serving as spaces of promotion and communication for emerging authors, writers, illustrators, and more – and for audiences, an opportunity to discover and engage. By reframing and reshaping access to knowledge, social media is tracing new methodology of literature promotion, participation and economies.

From book clubs to book deals; in terms of accessibility, how are literary activities and works reaching audiences, and creating spaces of dialogue to address needs of communities. Eva Recinos and Gabriela Herstik will discuss social media as a vehicle of storytelling, awareness and amplification for emerging authors.



Eva Recinos is the social media manager for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). As a freelance writer, her work has appeared in LA Weekly, LA Magazine, The Guardian, Marie Claire, Refinery29, Jezebel and more. She holds a BA in English with a minor in Art History from the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and an MA in the History and Theory of Contemporary Art from San Francisco Art Institute. She is less than five feet tall.



Gabriela Herstik is a writer and witch based in Los Angeles. Gabriela writes about fashion and witchcraft for publications such as i-D, Complex, Broadly, Sabat Magazine and The Numinous, and currently has her own column on NYLON called “Ask A Witch,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Gabriela’s debut book, 'Craft: How To Be A Modern Witch' makes witchcraft accessible for the modern woman who wants to reconnect to her own power. Gabriela guides readers through working with tarot, crystals, astrology, fashion magick, the holidays of the witch and more so they can find their own brand of magick to infuse into their lives.