Tequila Herradura Hispanic Heritage Month (2018)

As part of the celebrations for Hispanic Heritage Month for tequila Herradura with the objective of celebrating the community in Los Ángeles, i developed and managed activations and promotions in trade key accounts, distributor education and two key events:

Tequila Herradura with acclaimed band Balún

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 12.55.24 PM.png

Mexican Consulate official celebration


Tequila Herradura y El Jimador: Tequilas oficiales del Consulado General de México en Los Ángeles

Lead and developed sponsorship of the Cultural Center at the Mexican Consulate, promoting the arts and Culture from Mexico and by Mexicans in Los Ángeles, engaging with the Mexican and latinx community and artists, influencers and cultural advocates within this community.

Oscars celebration for Mexican film makers

Gabriella Sánchez, “Almost Not Quite”

Goles y Pasiones