Tequila Herradura Hispanic Heritage Month (2018)

As part of the celebrations for Hispanic Heritage Month for tequila Herradura with the objective of celebrating the community in Los Ángeles, i developed and managed activations and promotions in trade key accounts, distributor education and two key events:

Tequila Herradura with acclaimed band Balún

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Mexican Consulate official celebration


Hola México x Tequila Herradura

  • Tequila Herradura: Official Tequila of Hola México Film Festival

  • Branding and sampling at all events

  • Social Media amplification

  • Exclusive theme cocktails for all events

  • Events: Opening night, 3 rooftop screenings at Montalbán Theatre, 4 screenings at Montalbán main Theatre, Rooftop afterparty, closing night

  • Content creation with talent, celebrities and influencers

  • Personalized bottle seeding for talent

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Tequila Herradura: San Diego Padres (2018)

  • Sponsorship management

  • Brand events production at Petco Park

  • Branding supervision

  • Tequila tasting at Trade Day

Bodega Jack (The Well, NYLON Español, 2016 - 2017)

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